Ep 115: Unlocking the Power of Data Donation in Healthcare Research with Wojciech Sierocki

Wojciech Sierocki, sheds light on the innovative approaches to data consent and the ethical considerations that shape global data policies. We dug into the intricate balance between patient privacy and the accessibility of medical data. We explore the mission of Data Lake in revolutionizing patient care through data donations, and the potential of such data to enhance diagnosis, treatment, and policy making. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of healthcare, technology, and ethics. Links and Resources: Data Lake Website Wojciech Sierocki on LinkedIn Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:02:06 - Exploring Data Lake's Ethical Data Access Initiative and More with OJEC 00:04:23 - Medical Experience Shaping Data Collection Challenges in Healthcare: From International Affairs to Blockchain 00:06:19 - The Entrepreneurial Journey: Co-founding a Company and Navigating Privilege, Value, and Stress 00:09:08 - Building a New Health Donation System: The Journey from Medical Careers to Data Revolution 00:11:52 - Putting Patients in Control: Revolutionary Healthcare Decision-Making and Data Sharing 00:17:57 - Unlocking Medical Data for Better Healthcare Outcomes: Balancing the Benefits 00:20:22 - Convincing Patients to Share Sensitive Healthcare Data: Unlocking the Dilemma 00:24:54 - Streamlining Patient Data Entry for an Efficient User Experience 00:26:53 - Poland Leading the Way: Majority of Users Acquired Through Hospitals 00:28:57 - Future Potential: Growing Number Of Medical Data Donors and Data Sharing 00:33:45 - Tokenomics in Healthcare: Revolutionizing Funding and Incentives 00:37:05 - A Minimalistic Approach to Ecosystem Design in Healthcare 00:39:46 - Blockchain as a Ledger: Navigating Data Storage Restrictions and Building a Healthcare Ecosystem 00:41:36 - Building a Patient Community: Sharing Experiences and Empowering Engagement 00:43:57 - Unlocking Patient Records: Access and Opportunities in Healthcare 00:46:20 - Longevity Research: Humanism and Intellectual Property Sharing 00:49:51 - Data Analysis's Role in Developing Treatment Guidelines and Challenging Healthcare Culture Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet

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