Why Blockchain?

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Creating Trust in Healthcare

Blockchain technology is still quite new. Awareness about
existing projects will improve the chances of success for many professionals and students working
in this space. The field includes economists, technologists, healthcare
providers, policy makers, and financial institutions. This podcast plans to
feature many guests working on blockchain related projects, companies, and
communities. I believe a diverse mix of healthcare leaders and blockchain
experts can accelerate the adoption of blockchain-based solutions that our
healthcare system so desperately needs.

Blockchain alone does not solve all our problems in healthcare but as new governance structures and data ownership models emerge, it can create a more trusted ecosystem for other technologies to improve healthcare.

Technologies Include:

Artificial Intelligence

Genetic Engineering

Internet of Medical Things


Augmented/Virtual/Mixed reality

Wearable Devices

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Guest speakers on Health Unchained think outside the box and within the block(chain). They are developing new applications using cryptography and decentralization to establish trust between all participating parties.

The goal of Health Unchained is to bring awareness to the development of such applications including (but not limited to):

  • improving drug supply chain tracking systems
  • building incentive-driven digital health apps
  • designing wearable devices for tokenized economies
  • empowering medical research in personalized care
  • giving people the opportunity to own and control their own health data

Blockchain technology has created opportunities for innovators to develop new value-based models and creative ways of looking at health-related interactions that positively benefit the end user as much as the community.

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Health Unchained will be conducting and facilitating interviews and conversations with healthcare leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, and medical professionals who are working on interesting and important projects enabled by blockchain technology.

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