Ep. 116: HealthTech Podcasters Unravel Web3's Impact on Healthcare - Don Lee (HC Biz Show)

We dive into the intricate world of health IT, examining the elusive goal of global interoperability and the dynamic role of blockchain technology. Don Lee sheds light on the innovative strides in biotech, particularly in expediting drug development for rare diseases, while also touching on the critical funding hurdles faced by startups. With a candid reflection on the evolution of healthcare data sharing, exemplified by New York's notable achievements, the conversation pivots to the personal—how a boundless curiosity not only makes for an engaging podcast host but also drives a deeper understanding of technology's impact on healthcare. Links and Resources: LinkedIn Gitsmol Ready Layer 2 Podcast The #HCBiz Show Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Introduction to A Conversation with Don Lee 00:03:32 - From Software Development to Healthcare: The Journey of "The Healthcare Guy" 00:05:40 - Navigating Investment Challenges in Healthcare 00:12:53 - Embracing the Future: Blockchain and Telehealth in Healthcare 00:14:43 - Addressing Privacy Concerns and Advancing Health Information Exchange 00:19:04 - Standardizing Data in Hl7v2: Cleaning and Aggregating Multiple Sources 00:20:09 - AI's Emerging Role in Healthcare Data Analysis 00:25:20 - Complexity of Healthcare Provider Information and Coverage 00:26:59 - Zenprn: A Collaborative Resource Management Platform 00:31:11 - The Frustration of Choosing a Health Plan 00:32:49 - Balancing Compliance and Technological Innovation in Healthcare 00:36:22 - Transitioning from Healthcare Marketing to Podcasting in the Web 3 Space 00:39:24 - Building Relationships through Collaborative Projects 00:41:21 - Arvertron: Exploring a Promising Layer Two Blockchain for Web3 Gaming 00:43:09 - Trust in Technology Adoption in Healthcare 00:47:02 - Perceptions of Crisis and Excitement in Current Technological Developments 00:49:47 - Investing in Research and AI for a Better Healthcare Future 00:51:12 - Embracing Curiosity and Overcoming Fears 00:57:28 - Balancing a Busy Life: Insights from a Parent's Perspective Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet

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