Ep. 102: Decentralized Med Device Management - John Hatchell | Co-Founder & CEO of TYDEi

John Hatchell is the CEO and founder of TYDEi Health, a cost-effective platform that aims to provide vendor partners for participation, opportunities for advanced methods, and overall growth to healthcare facilities through the use of blockchain technology. In this episode, John shares the history of his deep inclination for blockchain, how TYDEi health came to be, and its visions for the future. Discussing the challenges of the healthcare industry, John also shares the realm of possibilities TYDEi platforms and concepts alike can do to make healthcare easy, convenient, and efficient.   Topics Covered  Background of John before he became a CEO  How John fell curious about the possible association of blockchain in healthcare.  John shares the volume of cash exchanged in the market. The vision of TYDEi health.  The challenges & issues of medical device and surgical implants manufacturing companies that they’re trying to resolve.  The light and conservative approach they take to their customers and prospects.  Where TYDEi Health mostly focuses on in terms of platform and product. John shares the features and interface of TYDEi health.  Connect with John  LinkedIn Resources Mentioned  TYDEi Health - Healthcare Together  Stryker  Daml - open source Smart Contract and DLT Programming  Aurora  News Corner https://gov.vitadao.com/t/vdp-54-1-expression-of-interest-pfizer-ventures/832 https://longevity.technology/news/pfizer-invests-500k-in-vitadao-to-accelerate-longevity-rd/ Health Unchained Links  Super excited to be introducing another way for you to support the show. Follow the link and stay up to date with Health Unchained https://healthunchained.supercast.com/ Website: https://healthunchained.org/ Telegram: t.me/healthunchained Twitter: twitter.com/Healthunchaind

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