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Ep. 116: HealthTech Podcasters Unravel Web3's Impact on Healthcare - Don Lee (HC Biz Show)

We dive into the intricate world of health IT, examining the elusive goal of global interoperability and the dynamic role of blockchain technology. Don Lee sheds light on the innovative strides in bio... ... Listen Now

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Ep 115: Unlocking the Power of Data Donation in Healthcare Research with Wojciech Sierocki

Wojciech Sierocki, sheds light on the innovative approaches to data consent and the ethical considerations that shape global data policies. We dug into the intricate balance between patient privacy an...



Ep. 114: Evolution of Data-Driven Health - Michael Geer (co-founder of humanity.health)

In this episode of the Health Unchained Podcast, Ray Dogum interviews Michael Geer, CEO of Humanity, discussing various topics in healthcare and technology. They explore the balance between privacy an...



Ep. 113: Evidence-Based Blockchain - Dr. Naseem Naqvi (President of British Blockchain Association)

Join Ray Dogum and Dr. Naseem Naqvi, President of the British Blockchain Association, on this thought-provoking episode of Health Unchained, as they delve into the world of evidence-based Blockchain a...



Ep. 112: AI-Assisted Ambient Medical Documentation with Ian Kazi Shakil (co-founder Augmedix)

In this episode of Health Unchained, host Ray Dogum speaks with Ian Kazi Shakil, co-founder of Augmedix, about the company's mission to reduce the documentation burden for healthcare providers through...



Ep. 111: Functional Wellness Community (Michelle Martin | CEO Maka Health)

In this episode of Health Unchained, Ray explores functional wellness and the journey to achieving it with Michelle Martin, founder and CEO of Maka Health. Michelle shares how to use of web3 technolog...



Ep. 110: Engaging Patient Relationships with Machine Learning - Alexandre Lebrun - Nabla (Co-Founder & CEO)

In this episode of Health Unchained, we welcome Alexandre Lebrun, co-founder and CEO of Nabla, a French health tech startup. Alexandre discusses his professional journey and how he became enamored wit...



Ep. 109: Decentralized Databases for DeSci- Michael Fischer, PhD (Founder of DB DAO)

In this episode, Michael Fischer, the founder of DB DAO, discusses the role of databases in Web3 and how they can be used improve scientific research and tokenize scientific articles. Fischer also sha...



Ep. 108: Building Community - Joshua Bate and Jelani Clarke, PhD (DeSci World)

Joshua Bate and Jelani Clarke, PhD, leaders of the DeSci World Project, discuss decentralized science initiatives and their potential to revolutionize the way science works. Disclaimer: This podcast i...



Ep. 107: Digital Trust Ecosystem - PharmaLedger (Dan Fritz & Marco Cuomo)

In today's episode, host Ray Dogum sits down with guests Dan Fritz and Marco Cuomo. Marco is an Applied Technology Innovation Manager with a passion for exploring and implementing new technologies suc...



Ep. 106: Web3 Innovation in Japan – Shinya Yamamoto, PhD (DICT Cube)

IT advancement and data analytics have long been a struggle in healthcare – many have tried to drive technological advancement in the space, but very little has changed. So are NFTs, DAOs, and Web3 th...

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