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Ep. 96: Why Invest in Web3? - Jorden Woods & Radhika Iyengar (Co-founders of StarChain Ventures)

Jorden Woods and Radhika Iyengar-Emens are enterprise blockchain experts enabling executives and entrepreneurs to benefit from integrating blockchain technologies into their business. They share their... ... Listen Now

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Ep. 95: Breaking Barriers with Blockchain Technology - Talisha Shine (Blockchain Consultant)

Talisha Shine is bridging the gap between the blockchain and BIPOC communities. She is a leader in the blockchain consulting space and recognized among the top 100 black leaders in blockchain. She has...



Ep. 94: Securing Clinical Trial Documentation – Hadil Es-Sbai (CEO Triall)

Hadil Es-Sbai is on a mission to make clinical trial data more secure and accessible. His company, Triall, is attempting to revolutionize the clinical trial industry. They’re building an easy and secu...



Ep. 92: Revolutionizing Prescriptions in Latin America - Everardo Barojas (CEO Prescrypto)

Everardo Barojas, PhD, founder of Prescrypto, is revolutionizing electronic prescriptions in Latin America. Since 2017, Prescrypto has been working to bring prescriptions into the modern age by provid...



Ep. 93: Keeping Patient Data Private and Accessible - Georgina Kyriakoudes (CEO DCentric Health)

Georgina Kyriakoudes, CEO of DCentric Health, is paving the way for patients to be able to take control of their data. DCentric is the creator of Aria, an app designed to make accessing medical record...



Ep. 91: Bridging Web2 to Web3 - Chris Were (CEO Verida)

Chris Were, CEO of Verida, talks about the developers’ tools needed to bridge web2 programmers to web3. We also talk about the challenges and opportunities he has with his web3 startup. Living in Aust...



Ep. 90: First Hospital Chain in the Metaverse - Drs. Michael Kaldasch and Ben El Idrissi (Aimedis)

Dr. Michael Kaldasch (CEO Aimedis)and Dr. Ben El Idrissi (COO) of Aimedis join me to update us about some of the strategies they are taking to create a medical NFT marketplace and the first hospital c...



Ep. 89: Decentralization Opportunities in Pharmacy Operations - Tyler Colvard, PharmD (UNC)

Tyler Colvard, PharmD. Clinical Pediatric Pharmacist, UNC Health. BS Psych. Pharmaceutical Advisor at ConsenSys Health. Sports lover. Big UNC fan. •Introduction to Tyler's background and career traj...



Ep. 88: Community-owned Swiss Healthcare Ecosystem - Eberhard Scheuer (President dHealth Network)

Dr. Eberhard Scheuer is the founder and the President of the Board of Directors at dHealth foundation and has been a pioneer in using blockchain in the healthcare field. Eberhard holds a Ph.D. in psyc...



Ep. 87: Decentralized IoT Everywhere - Larry Pang (IoTeX)

Larry Pang is the head of business development and marketing at IoTeX. IoTeX’s mission is to enable a borderless ecosystem where humans and machines can interact with guaranteed trust, free will, and ...



Ep. 86: Decentralized Computer Vision - Kordel France (CEO Seekar Technologies)

Kordel France is the co-founder and CEO of Seekar Technologies, which is a AI and blockchain startup seeking to advanced computer vision technology for medical imaging, among other use cases. He is ...

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