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Ep. 74: Self-Sovereign Physician Community - Leah Houston, MD (CEO HPEC)

Dr. Leah Houston, founder and CEO of an early-stage startup called Humanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community. If you are a doctor or physician, this episode is for you. Her solution is to develop ... ... Listen Now

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Ep. 73: Multi-Party Trust and Data Sharing w/ Rymedi - David Stefanich (CEO) & Dr. Jason Cross (CSO)

Co-founders of Rymedi, David Stefanich, CEO, and Jason Cross, PhD, JD, Chief Strategy officer, discuss their journey to building Rymedi and some recent developments since the covid-19 pandemic. Rymedi...



Ep. 72: Explaining the Value of Blockchain - Tori Adams (CEO Cadwyn)

Tori Adams, Founder and CEO of her consulting firm, Cadwyn and Chief Innovation Officer at Value Technology Foundation. Tori has done strategy consulting for the public sector during most of her caree...



Ep. 71: Precision Medicine Revolution - Glen de Vries (Co-CEO Medidata)

Glen de Vries, is co-founder of Medidata, which was acquired by Dassault Systems for $6B in 2019. Glen is co-founder and co-CEO of Medidata, the most-used platform for clinical trials around the world...



Ep. 70: Drug Supply Chain Evolution - Mark Karhoff (CEO Ten Count Consulting)

Mark Karhoff is a Management Consultant and Founder of Ten Count Consulting. Mark provides life science clients guidance with program management, process improvement, supply chain solutions, as well a...



Ep. 69: Right to Data Privacy - Dr. Ali Loveys (CPO ConsenSys Health)

Ali Loveys, MD, FAAP, FHIMSS, ABP-CI is the Chief Privacy Officer, Foundation Relations and North American Markets Leader at Consensys Health. Ali is board-certified in clinical informatics and has ha...



Ep. 68: Clinical Trials on Hyperledger - Rama Rao (CEO Bloqcube)

Rama Rao is the CEO of Bloqcube, a startup he started in 2017 that uses blockchain technology to improve clinical trials operations and research data management. Rama is an industry veteran with over ...



Ep. 67: Emergency Asset Management - Stephen Meade (CEO MonetaPro)

Stephen Meade is a Business Executive, strategic adviser and lifelong entrepreneur. He has created and ran three Public OTC companies in the US. He has started 11 total companies. Meade is known globa...



Ep. 66: MediLedger Supply Chain Network - Susanne Somerville (CEO Chronicled)

Susanne Somerville is the CEO of Chronicled, founded in 2014 with the hopes of building the ultimate enterprise blockchain platform. And more recently in 2017 she founded the Mediledger Network, one o...



Ep. 65: Software Development Consulting - Sam Schutte (CEO Unstoppable Software)

Sam Schutte is the founder and CEO of Unstoppable Software, Inc. (https://unstoppablesoftware.com), a custom software development company that helps clients build systems to automate workflow and impl...



Ep. 64: Health Data Privacy Regulations - Vince Kuraitis and Deven McGraw

Deven McGraw , JD, MPH, LLM is the Chief Regulatory Officer at Ciitizen (and former official at OCR and ONC). Vince Kuraitis, JD/MBA is an independent healthcare strategy consultant with over 30 year...

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