Ep. 104: Decentralizing Women's Reproductive Health with Laura Minquini, Co-Founder of AthenaDAO

Laura Minquini is an entrepreneur and creator of AthenaDAO, a collective leveraging blockchain and crypto to fund women’s reproductive health. AthenaDAO’s goal is to reduce the funding gap in research and access to reproductive health by funding research, drug development programs, and innovations. Laura shares with Ray why communities like AthenaDAO are so important and why many women’s reproductive conditions are not well funded.  Topics covered Laura shares her background and why she was so inspired to make a positive impact for women. Why preventative care is vital for treating and curing conditions such as Alzheimers. The impact VitaDAO had on the starting and creation of AthenaDAO The impact this lack of funding has on the women diagnosed with these conditions. Laura shares her experience starting AthenaDAO Why women’s reproductive research needs a blockchain solution like AthenaDAO The different Web3 organizations that are supporting medical research Laura shares the story of a near-partnership with VitaDAO Laura’s experience using Gitcoin grants to raise funds. How AthenaDAO is creating a community for other women to gain support. AthenaDao’s roadmap and the future for the community. Connect with Laura and AthenaDAO AthenaDAO Discord Telegram Health Unchained News Corner California allows vital records on blockchain Riverside County pilot blockchain for vital records project Legal Text That’s right, California has signed into law a regulatory bill that instructs county records offices to allow the use of blockchain technology and verifiable credentials. Resources Mentioned VitaDAO Bio.xyz Gitcoin A Confederacy of Dunces Marie Curie Health Unchained Links Website: https://healthunchained.org Telegram: t.me/healthunchained Twitter: twitter.com/Healthunchaind Supercast: https://healthunchained.supercast.com/

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