Ep. 44: Portfolio for Healthcare Professionals - Jared Taylor (CEO BlocHealth)

Jared Taylor (CEO BlocHealth) Boston-based company - Wrote a book called “It’s Your Future, Plan 4 It!” How did you first hear about blockchain technology? - BlocHealth was not chosen as the company name because of blockchain What drives you to the healthcare industry? What is the vision for BlocHealth? Why did you start it? - To create the most efficient healthcare professional credential sharing network - Improve access to care by getting healthcare professionals into facilities faster - Eliminate duplicate efforts for healthcare professionals and organizations - Experience with owning a recruiting firm Explain the current process for a doctor to gain medical privileges in a clinic or hospital? - Multiple, duplicated steps - Different sources are collecting the same data for their individual purposes from the HCP - Blockchain-based transactions can help achieve greater transparency and traceability– through an “immutable audit trail” - Blockchain increases the trust in provenance of that data: once a piece of data is written, it can’t get lost, or replaced with a photocopy mistake, or whited out or redacted. And that’s a big step forward. How can blockchain improve data exchange efficiency? - By establishing a single source of truth Who are your company partners and major customers? - In the process of finalizing a few partnerships - More updates on that will be coming soon What is BlocHealth's business model? - We are working towards becoming a credential verification organization (CVO), certified through the National Committee for Quality Assurance - In the near future, we will also make money off of our job board which will include applicant’s with ready to go files to kickstart the process Can you describe your technology stack? Our initial offering will be a cloud-based, Javascript + Ethereum based product at the moment. We’re using a tweak of the MEAN stack: MongoDB, Express.js, Angular 7, and Node.js to serve up our application. What kind of traction have you had so far? - Early-stage - Raised a seed round - Finishing up our initial platform - Currently demoing and preparing for a pilot in the next month Who do you consider your competitors? How are you different? Demos + Pilots + Adjustments + CVO certification next year (national committee quality assurance) + Other specialties Recent draft legislation to tackle healthcare costs which included a section on requiring insurers’ to have provider directories up to date. If patients can prove that their plan's directory steered them to an out-of-network physician or hospital, they would only be on the hook for their in-network co-pay. Related episodes: https://soundcloud.com/healthunchained/ep31-provider-credentialing-anthony-begando-ceo-procredex https://soundcloud.com/healthunchained/ep-33-medical-career-management-w-hashgraph-john-t-hartigan-ceo-intiva-health News Corner Solve.Care has made another important announcement in their effort to fix transportation problems for patients. They have signed a partnership with Uber Health giving them access to their North American ridesharing fleet. Robert Miller’s weekly newsletter – Beyond Blocks http://beyondblocks.bertcmiller.com/ Related episodes: https://soundcloud.com/healthunchained/ep-28-reaching-nirvana-in-healthcare-pradeep-goel-ceo-solvecare https://soundcloud.com/healthunchained/gogo-grandparent-technologies-masschallenge-healthtech-platinum-award-justin-boogaard-ceo Health Unchained Links Website: https://healthunchained.org Telegram: t.me/healthunchained Twitter: twitter.com/Healthunchaind Udemy Blockchain/Healthcare Course (Promo Code DOGUM2019): https://www.udemy.com/blockchain-and-healthcare/?couponCode=DOGUM2019 ConV2X conference (10/15/2019) https://conv2x-2019.eventcreate.com/

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