Ep. 95: Breaking Barriers with Blockchain Technology - Talisha Shine (Blockchain Consultant)

Talisha Shine is bridging the gap between the blockchain and BIPOC communities. She is a leader in the blockchain consulting space and recognized among the top 100 black leaders in blockchain. She has a unique set of experiences in both the healthcare and blockchain industries, and she shares why it’s important for members of the black community to be involved in Web 3.0. Topics Covered: How Talisha’s background in healthcare and technology shaped her consulting career. What led Talisha to starting Black Blockchain Consultants Why it’s so important for the black community to get involved with blockchain technologies How blockchain technologies were uniquely suited to fix Pandemic-related healthcare industry issues The way new legislation has given individuals more control over their data Why the healthcare industry needs to adopt more blockchain solutions. About the Guest Connect with Talisha Website Resources Mentioned Black Blockchain Consultants Bitcoin and Black America book by Isaiah Jackson Ep. 21: Empowering Patient with Blockchain – Chrissa McFarlane (CEO Patientory) News Corner https://www.statnews.com/2022/05/23/hipaa-patient-ge-data-privacy-profit/ According to a STAT News investigation published recently, multiple companies were involved in this complex web of transactions that turned patient data into lucrative business deals. Quintiles, now known as IQVIA, MedicaLogic, which was purchased by GE in 2002, Veritas Capital, which acquired and then sold GE’s medical records business as part of a larger deal worth $17B were all part of this elaborate unethical use of patient data. Data privacy protections are only as good as the technological policies that can be enforced in the entire healthcare ecosystem. Using blockchain technologies to give patients real ownership of their data can help solve this growing problem in the industry. Our data is not like oil which gets burned and cannot be reused. Our data is an extension of ourselves which can be reused and increases in value as more data is generated. People need to stand up for their right to their data. ----------------------------- Health Unchained Links Website: https://healthunchained.org Telegram: t.me/healthunchained Twitter: twitter.com/Healthunchaind

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