Ep. 112: AI-Assisted Ambient Medical Documentation with Ian Kazi Shakil (co-founder Augmedix)

In this episode of Health Unchained, host Ray Dogum speaks with Ian Kazi Shakil, co-founder of Augmedix, about the company's mission to reduce the documentation burden for healthcare providers through the use of AI technology. They also discuss the potential uses of blockchain and augmented reality in healthcare, as well as how Augmedix is helping to improve patient care and reduce provider burnout. Links and Resources: Ian Kazi Shakil on LinkedIn Augmedix Website Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Get ready for the Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium in New Orleans on September 21st, 2023! 00:02:02 - Step into the future of healthcare with Google Glass and explore augmented reality and artificial intelligence 00:03:58 - Join Ian on his journey building Augmedix and discover his unique perspectives on AI, AR, blockchain, and Web Three 00:08:20 - Say goodbye to manual note-taking and hello to streamlined processes for healthcare providers 00:10:56 - Discover the high acceptance rate of automation solutions across all demographics in the healthcare industry 00:14:29 - Learn how AI is successfully used in behavioral health visits to enhance patient care 00:18:23 - Stay up-to-date on the evolution of enterprise-grade devices in the healthcare sector 00:20:48 - Gain insight into the perception of blockchain technology in healthcare and its potential benefits 00:25:07 - Explore how automation solutions are approaching zero human interaction in healthcare 00:29:10 - Discover the need for standard machine-readable notes to improve provider feedback loops and patient outcomes 00:32:43 - Understand the impact of Covid-19 on well-being measurement in the healthcare industry 00:34:40 - Find out how telehealth companies are integrating into health systems to improve patient care 00:36:26 - Learn about the benefits of patient portals for health systems, including EMR setup and My Chart 00:39:08 - Ensure rigorous security standards for healthcare system customers with the latest technology 00:43:10 - Gain permission to use automation in large healthcare systems and revolutionize the industry 00:44:20 - Follow the complex process of setting up the first trench in healthcare automation 00:48:44 - Stay informed with the News Corner and learn about the impact of earthquakes on families 00:51:54 - Hear Ian Shakil's closing thoughts and take away valuable insights for the future of healthcare News Corner: Vox Aljazeera fundraiser.thegivingblock.com Decrypt.co In recent news, Southern Türkiye and bordering Northern Syria were hit by devastating earthquakes on February 6, 2023. The death toll is currently over 46,000 people with many still missing under the rubble. The disaster has caused destruction to 264,000 apartments, leaving many survivors to rebuild their lives elsewhere. As a result, many humanitarian-related issues have come to light during this tragic event. As someone with close family ties to the region, this disaster hits particularly close to home. The loss of so many loved ones in a single week is a tragedy that words cannot adequately describe. The survivors are faced with the daunting task of rebuilding their lives and homes from the ground up. The Health Unchained Podcast sends their condolences to those affected by this disaster and thanks all supporters who have come together to help those in need. Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet Vibe Bio Links In February 2023, Ray Dogum joined the Vibe Bio team to help activate patient and drug development communities and accelerate research. In addition to help unchained, Ray will host a new series called VibeCast focused on Vibe Bio's community. To stay up-to-date with VibeCast and other Vibe Bio updates, you can follow us on: YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram TikTok

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