Ep. 113: Evidence-Based Blockchain - Dr. Naseem Naqvi (President of British Blockchain Association)

Join Ray Dogum and Dr. Naseem Naqvi, President of the British Blockchain Association, on this thought-provoking episode of Health Unchained, as they delve into the world of evidence-based Blockchain and the challenges faced by the industry. Dr. Naqvi highlights the importance of defining the problem that Blockchain is trying to solve and providing evidence to back up claims and build products. The concept of peer review is also explored, and its role in evaluating research and providing constructive feedback. In addition, Dr. Naqvi talks about National Blockchain Road Maps and why it's crucial for Blockchain companies to demonstrate evidence of impact in various societal components such as business, government, healthcare, education, and enterprise industries. Tune in to gain valuable insights that will help you navigate the complex world of Blockchain and its potential impact on healthcare. The News Corner touches on the declining life expectancy in the US and its impact on healthcare costs. Links and Resources: Prof. Dr Naseem Naqvi MBE on LinkedIn Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Health Unchained: Exclusive Content & Blockchain-Healthcare Symposium Partner 00:03:03 - Intro President of British Blockchain Association on Blockchain Journals & Literature 00:07:00 - Importance of Evidence-based Approach & Comparison in Blockchain Implementation 00:11:02 - Prioritizing Outcomes & Impact in Projects 00:14:34 - Vital Role of Peer Review in Evaluating Work 00:17:37 - Double Blind Peer Review: Anonymizing Papers for Unbiased Assessment 00:19:25 - Using Blockchain for Quality Control in Peer Review Process 00:22:17 - Health Unchained News Corner - Shorter US Life Expectancy Costs $100B Annually in Healthcare 00:30:26 - Recommendations for Evidence-based Blockchain: Standardized Terms & Taxonomy 00:33:34 - Interest in Quadruple Helix Ecosystems News Corner: PubMed Live free and die? All-Cause Mortality The US faces a serious health disadvantage as life expectancy drops for the second consecutive year and maternal mortality rates reach an all-time high. While the US has higher survival rates for cancer, better control of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and lower stroke mortality, these achievements aren't enough to offset other problems. Higher child poverty, gun violence, racial segregation, social isolation, and poor city design are some of the factors contributing to this health disparity. The US's shorter life expectancy is estimated to cost the country $100 billion annually in extra healthcare costs. The reasons for the decline in life expectancy can't be ascribed only to the COVID-19 outbreak, as the US faces significant challenges that need to be addressed by policymakers. Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet Vibe Bio Links In February 2023, Ray Dogum joined the Vibe Bio team to help activate patient and drug development communities and accelerate research funding. Part of Ray's new role includes hosting a new series called VibeCast focused on Vibe Bio's community. To stay up-to-date with VibeCast and other Vibe Bio updates, you can follow us on: YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram TikTok

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