Ep. 114: Evolution of Data-Driven Health - Michael Geer (co-founder of humanity.health)

In this episode of the Health Unchained Podcast, Ray Dogum interviews Michael Geer, CEO of Humanity, discussing various topics in healthcare and technology. They explore the balance between privacy and data utilization, emphasizing collaborative AI and the social aspect in Web 3.0. They delve into synthetic data, genetic testing, and advancements in wearable technology, as well as the potential of DAOs and data pods in the future. Geer highlights the importance of empowering individuals, inspiring others, and fostering excitement for new ideas to drive technological advancements in healthcare. Links and Resources: Humanity Website Michael Geer on LinkedIn, Twitter Topics Covered Include: 00:00:00 - Health Unchain Updates and Announcements 00:02:44 - Health Unchained Podcast: Blockchain Revolutionizing Healthcare 00:05:23 - Anchor Free: Internet Freedom Against Censorship Bills 00:06:58 - Scaling Web Three in Healthcare 00:09:49 - Adapting to New Medical Technologies 00:12:40 - Predicting Future Health Events with Health Data 00:14:36 - Balancing Privacy and Learning from Data 00:20:31 - Collaborative AI in Healthcare 00:23:19 - Ownership and Control of Personal Health Data 00:24:50 - Federated Learning: Privacy-Preserving Data Learning 00:29:41 - Data Use and Privacy in Society 00:32:41 - Data Privacy and Data Pods in Web 3.0 00:34:54 - Tim Berners Lee's Explanation of the Internet to Nancy Pelosi 00:38:38 - Advancements in Wearable Technology: Future Predictions 00:40:24 - Creating More Googles and Apples in the Investment Community 00:43:56 - Collaborative Goals for Personalized Health Guidance 00:47:20 - Benefits of DAOs with Specific Missions 00:49:31 - Limits and Possibilities in Technology and Expertise 00:50:40 - Health Unchained News Corner 00:55:33 - Excitement as the Key to Advancement in Technology News Corner: May 2023 saw hardware wallet manufacturer, Ledger, unveiling its novel service, Ledger Recover, a platform designed for secure seed phrase storage—a necessary component for cryptocurrency recovery. Despite Ledger's assurances of fragmenting and encrypting seed phrases across multiple entities, critics within the crypto community voice concerns over potential security risks, including data theft and privacy breaches linked to the requisite provision of email addresses and phone numbers. Amidst debates on self-custody versus third-party storage and the ever-evolving digital security landscape, Ledger emphasizes its service's optional nature, allowing users to continue managing their recovery phrase independently. This narrative underlines the importance of understanding and navigating digital security in our data-intensive world, where private key loss and third-party key theft are distinct possibilities. Find a link to Ledger’s Recover FAQ page.  Don’t forget to subscribe and share this episode to someone who would enjoy listening. Health Unchained Links Website Telegram Twitter Supercast - Sign up to access premium content Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet Vibe Bio Links Part of Ray's new role includes hosting a new series called VibeCast focused on Vibe Bio's community. To stay up-to-date with VibeCast and other Vibe Bio updates, you can follow us on: YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram TikTok

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