Ep. 89: Decentralization Opportunities in Pharmacy Operations - Tyler Colvard, PharmD (UNC)

Tyler Colvard, PharmD. Clinical Pediatric Pharmacist, UNC Health. BS Psych. Pharmaceutical Advisor at ConsenSys Health. Sports lover. Big UNC fan. •Introduction to Tyler's background and career trajectory •What drove you to the healthcare world and specifically why pharmacy? •How does your academic research experience influence your perspectives in healthcare tech industry? •How did you first hear about blockchain technology? •Change is not easy •How important are incentives and economics psychology for healthcare? •Managing pharma inventory in hospitals •What are the biggest pharma-based and/or pharmacogenetics applications you can envision that would require blockchain or decentralized ledger technology? •Patient safety and trust •How can blockchain help address the opioids crisis? •Identifying certain genes that can illuminate risks to pharmacists and doctors (i.e. 2D6, CYP2C19) •The role of EMR interoperability for getting the right info at the right time for patients •From your perspective, what are the biggest barriers to blockchain adoption in healthcare? TRUST. •In pediatric patients, often times they can't speak to you and are dependent on their parents - does blockchain have a solution for this? •Are there issue with health data management when young adults turn 18? Do you think there's a need for data change in custody using blockchain? •NFTs and sports innovation •Favorite DLT projects doing important work •Leadership, and motivational speaking, rap career aspirations •Most influential book you've read – What do you do with an idea? Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach •If you had to have micro chip implanted in your body, where would you want it to be implanted? •How do you like to stay active and exercise? •Final Takeaways News Corner https://mediacenter.23andme.com/press-release/23andme-agrees-to-acquire-lemonaid-health On October 22, 2021 – 23andMe announced plans to acquire Lemonaid Health, an on-demand telehealth platform, for $400M (25% in cash and 75% in 23andMe shares). 23andMe, a leading consumer genetics and research company will be adding Lemonaid Health’s telemedicine and prescription drug delivery services to it’s consumer solutions offerings. Health Unchained Links Website: https://healthunchained.org Telegram: t.me/healthunchained Twitter: twitter.com/Healthunchaind

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